Cheapest Apartments at Best Location in Cordova, Tn

Cheapest Apartments at Best Location

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You must know that renting a hotel room picks every little coin out of your pocket. You can save that amount by playing it a little clever. Especially, when you are traveling to some city like Cordova, TN you can get apartments for rent in Cordova in that are cheap. The apartments are truly a perfect alternative to the hotel. The big amount you pay for just one tiny room can get you a luxurious family rental.

The trend for renting a short term apartment is getting very popular among the travelers. In Cordova city, most of the malls and marts are located in the area that is attached to the Memphis city by which the Cordova city is annexed. Most of the people like to get accommodation on the same spot. Keeping this public demand in the mind, these beautiful apartments are constructed just at the end of the Cordova, Tn where it meets the Memphis city. This way the travelers can enjoy traveling both the cities while living at one place.

Having an easy access to two cities at a time is not the only specialty of these apartments. These apartments are also a great provider of every possible facility that is provided in a 5-star hotel. Swimming pool, fitness center, sauna bath, tanning beds, indoor and outdoor games, elevators, mini cinema, children parks, Underground parking facility and many other awesome facilities can be enjoyed free here.

Each apartment in this project is very uniquely furnished. A large kitchen stuffed with all necessary house wares is provided in each apartment. As the building is the tallest one in the area, so you can have an intense view of the city from the large windows and a balcony. A complete set of electronics is provided in each apartment that includes iron, microwave oven, Refrigerator, table fan, LED, and music system. More over you can easily catch the strong signals of the Wi-Fi internet 24 hours.

A team of maids is appointed for the free cleaning of each apartment daily. The laundry service is provided once a week which is also free of cost. Also, a professionally trained staff is always available on the intercom to deal with any inconvenience.

The presence of a fully armed security team completely assures the safety of the guests. Other than that security cameras are planted in each part of the building and surroundings. You will never find any suspicious person living in these apartments; every guest gets himself verified on checking in.

These apartments are situated at such location that public transport is very easily accessible here. If you are not comfortable with public transport, you can catch a cab anytime from the busy road running on the exit.

All the terms and conditions are made clear upon you before the check-in.