Top Rated Living Apartments

Top Rated Living Apartments

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There must be many reasons for which you have to visit Cordova, Tn now and then. Finding a perfect and cheap short term accommodation is such a pain. In the city Cordova, Tn most of the hotels are very high in rates. Don’t worry; a very warm welcoming rental apartment community is awaiting you in the city of Cordova, Tn. They are not just apartments they are home. You can live a dreamy life in these luxurious apartments for rent in Cordova, Tn that are cheap in rates.

These are the top rated apartments in the city. Perfect location, reasonable rates and efficient and trustable staff, there is nothing in here you can complain about. They are very quiet and peaceful apartments, sound proof walls and windows keep you comfortable with the neighbors. Every facility related to health and entertainment is provided for the guests there.

Where are these apartments located?

These apartments are located in a very peaceful part of the city. All public transport routes cross these apartments. Living here you can get a cab anytime as these apartments are situated aside the main road. The best thing about their location is that they are just a 5 minutes- drive away from the airport. That makes it more popular and convenient.

Are they expensive?

No, these apartments are very cheap in rates. There is no hotel or any other rental accommodation that offers such wide range of facilities at prices like these

What is so special about these apartments?

The beautiful old wood styled building of these apartments makes it special. The apartments are designed as houses. Every house contains two separate apartments, this way you enjoy a complete privacy.

What are the facilities?

These apartments provide free cleaning and laundry services. The guests have easy access to Wi-Fi services, and that is too absolutely free. All the electronics and other items are high in quality. The rooms are extra capacious with modern furniture and wall fitted wardrobe closets. The kitchen is attached to the large living room with all important kitchen utensils. Washrooms are designed with French-style bath tub and basins. You can here enjoy the cool breezes by standing out in the Spanish-style balcony.

These apartments cover a big area of land, in which a big swimming pool, sports ground, and parking lot are present. You can also rent a garage for your car, but that will be charged separately. Moreover, a computerized security system with best security team is available to provide you a secure environment.

Are pets allowed there?

Yes, you can take pets with you there, each pet will be charged according to its size. You can take maximum two pets with you. Make sure your pets are healthy and well trained before bringing them along with.

How about online booking?

You can book an apartment there online or through the phone. The operators are available to help you all the time. Any detail or any help you need regarding the booking process or rate negotiation can be solved easily on the web or phone.